Do you wish to hold an “Annual General Meeting”?

Do you wish to hold an annual general meeting?-Company Registration in Bangalore Hold the first annual general meeting within nine months from the date of closing the first financial year and if that is done, there is no necessity of Read More

Direct Investment in equity share capital of an overseas JV or WOS

Do you wish to make direct investment in equity share capital of an overseas joint venture company (JV) or wholly owned subsidiary (WOS) abroad? Before making any overseas investment in a Joint venture or wholly owned subsidiary company, consider the Read More

All you need to know about naming a private limited company

The private limited company is one of the popular structures of business. All you need to do is to register the specified directors with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), register the name of the company and submit the company Read More

Share capital and debentures – Company registration in coimbatore

Share capital and debentures: Kinds of share capital: The share capital of a company limited by shares shall be of two kinds, namely, Equity share capital- With voting rights, or With differential rights as to dividend, voting or otherwise in Read More

Power to acquire the shares of shareholders – Company Registration

Power to acquire the shares of shareholders dissents from the contract or scheme approved by a majority:- company name registration in Coimbatore     The scheme or a contract which involves in the transfer of shares or in any class of Read More

Prevention of oppression and mismanagement – Company registration

Prevention of oppression and mismanagement – Company Registration in Coimbatore: Application to the tribunal for relief in cases of oppression, etc. Any member of a company who complains that-     The company affairs have been conducted in a manner Read More

Winding up by the tribunal: -Company Name Registration in Coimbatore

Winding up by the tribunal: Circumstances in which company may be wound up by the tribunal: A company may on a petition under section 272, be wound up by the tribunal- If the company is unable to pay its debts; Read More

Things to know about industrial undertakings – Company Registration

Here, we are going to discuss the what is the registration and licensing of industrial undertakings in a detailed way. Regulation of scheduled industries: Registration of existing industrial undertakings: The owner of every existing industrial undertaking, not being the central Read More

Revival and Rehabilitation of Sick companies – company registration in cbe

Revival and rehabilitation of sick companies: Determination of sickness: Where on a demand by the secured creditors of a company representing fifty percent or more of its outstanding amount of debt, the company has failed to pay the debt within Read More