Companies incorporated outside India – Company registration in coimbatore

Companies incorporated outside India:     Application of act to foreign companies: If not less than 50 percent of the paid-up share capital, whether preference or equity or partly preference and partly equity, of a foreign company is held by Read More

what are the rules to be followed during the incorporation of companies?

Incorporation of company (Section 7): Rule 12 – Application for incorporation of companies: An application have to be filed with the registrar whose jurisdiction the registered office of the company  is proposed to be situated in Form.No.INC.2  for one person Read More

How foreign companies can establish a business in India?

Foreign companies: Documents, ETC., to be delivered to registrar (Section 380): Particular relating to directors and secretary to be furnished to the registrar by foreign companies (rule 3): List of directors: Within the thirty days of establishment of the place Read More

what are the rules to follow for naming a business?

Naming a business which is free from the issues and the resemblance of an existing company is all we wanted while incorporate a new business. Hereby, i have listed out some of the rules you should keep in your mind Read More

What is the difference between Company and a Corporation?

A company is a form of business organisation, which is an association of persons set up with an aim of undertaking the businesses. It possesses a legal status which is distinct from its members and governed by the companies act, Read More

Things to be kept in mind while applying for the proposed name of the company

What are the things to be kept in mind while applying for the proposed name of a company: Step 1: The name of the company should end with the last word “limited” in case of a public limited company or Read More

What are the Do’s and Don’ts while naming a business?

Do’s and Don’ts while naming the business: Naming of a business is considered to be an important factor which attracts the customers and creates a good impression. Studies show that easier to pronounce names earn much than the tough names. Read More

What are the duties of directors?

Directors occupy a key-position in the management and administration of the company. They are given wide powers. They owe certain duties to the company. These duties are partly statutory, partly regulatory and partly dependent on the law of agents and Read More

Important aspects and view on Managers and the Managing Director of the company

 Who are Managers and Managing Directors and how to differentiate them with their roles and responsibilities under the law, will be discussed here. It is significant to know and understand the concepts before stepping into a business. Manager: Manager is Read More