Exclusive right only in distinctive matter of trademark

Exclusive rights are only in distinctive matter of trademark, that is going to be discussed here in detail. The 1999 act has omitted the law relating to disclaimers altogether. The 1999 act has declared that the exclusive right to use Read More

What are the duties of directors?

Directors occupy a key-position in the management and administration of the company. They are given wide powers. They owe certain duties to the company. These duties are partly statutory, partly regulatory and partly dependent on the law of agents and Read More

Important aspects and view on Managers and the Managing Director of the company

 Who are Managers and Managing Directors and how to differentiate them with their roles and responsibilities under the law, will be discussed here. It is significant to know and understand the concepts before stepping into a business. Manager: Manager is Read More

Steps required for obtaining certificate of commencement of business

Steps required for obtaining certificate of commencement of business: The company having a share capital has issued prospectus: Allot the shares at least equal to the amount of minimum subscription Have the application and allotment money paid by the directors Read More

Appointment of Directors and the terms associated with that

Appointment of directors and the legal concept behind that will be discussed here. Have an eye on this to know the basic things about the how the process will be carried out. Appointment of Directors: Directors may be appointed in Read More

Concept of Company Directors and the types of directors

There are different types of directors. The directors of a company are eyes, ears, brain, hands, nerves and other essential limbs, upon whose efficient functioning depends the success of the company. In order to enable a company to live and Read More