Direct Investment in equity share capital of an overseas JV or WOS

Do you wish to make direct investment in equity share capital of an overseas joint venture company (JV) or wholly owned subsidiary (WOS) abroad? Before making any overseas investment in a Joint venture or wholly owned subsidiary company, consider the Read More

All you need to know about naming a private limited company

The private limited company is one of the popular structures of business. All you need to do is to register the specified directors with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), register the name of the company and submit the company Read More

Steps required for obtaining certificate of commencement of business

Steps required for obtaining certificate of commencement of business: The company having a share capital has issued prospectus: Allot the shares at least equal to the amount of minimum subscription Have the application and allotment money paid by the directors Read More

Appointment of Directors and the terms associated with that

Appointment of directors and the legal concept behind that will be discussed here. Have an eye on this to know the basic things about the how the process will be carried out. Appointment of Directors: Directors may be appointed in Read More

Concept of Company Directors and the types of directors

There are different types of directors. The directors of a company are eyes, ears, brain, hands, nerves and other essential limbs, upon whose efficient functioning depends the success of the company. In order to enable a company to live and Read More