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Public Limited Company Registration

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  • Public Limited Company Registration

Public Company

Success will not be determined by the single person capability in a firm. Success will be purely depends on the team which we build quickly. Employees are actually a greatest asset where we can exhibit and utilize their talents in the growth of a business. When contemplating our business to the public, our stocks will be traded obviously to the public. Transfer of shares also possible in the public companies. We could scrutinize the shares and debentures which we are transferring to the public. Inviting the public to subscribe our shares will eventually help to enlarge the business.

Characteristics of Public Company

It requires minimum of seven members to form a company.

  • A public company only can commence a business after getting a legal certificate of incorporation.
  • Public company needs to answer its shareholders for each and every change which are made in the company.
  • Additionally, generating the revenue is quite easy through selling the shares in a market place..
  • It is necessary to get approval from the government for all the operations of a company like management action, financial move and other major decisions.
  • There is no restriction in the volume of the members in a company. It is subjected to all the provisions which is mentioned under the companies act, 1956.
  • It can easily raise the funds by through selling the securities. Investors will be more in the public company since it has less risk and maximum potential to enjoy the benefits.

Documents Needed For Public Company Registration

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